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31 December 2030 @ 02:47 pm
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Graphics and Fiction: teashop_napkins .

Please check my FILTER JOURNAL to see if you want to be added to any!

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31 December 2037 @ 09:09 pm

This list is still being updated.

(PC)Pokemon Play It!
(Handheld)Pokemon Mini (Averages $90.)
(GBC) Pokémon Card GB2 (JP release only)
(GBA)Pokemon Ruby
(DS)Pokemon HeartGold
(DS)Pokemon Black
(DS)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
(DS)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky
(DS)Pokemon Dash
(DS)Pokemon Conquest
(DS)Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (JP release only)
(DS)Pokemon Black 2
(N64)Pokemon Puzzle League
(GC)Pokemon Box (THIS GAME AVERAGES $95. Very few copies were made; it's my ultimate goal!)
(GC)Pokemon Colosseum
(Wii)My Pokemon Ranch - Downloadable Only
(Wii)PokePark Wii Pikachu's Big Adventure
(Wii)PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond

(GBC)Pokemon Red
(GBC)Pokemon Blue
(GBC)Pokemon Yellow
(GBC)Pokemon Gold
(GBC)Pokemon Silver
(GBC)Pokemon Crystal
(GBC)Pokemon Trading Card Game
(GBC)Pokemon Pinball
(GBC)Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
(GBA)Pokemon Pinball - Ruby and Sapphire
(GBA)Pokemon Fire Red
(GBA)Pokemon Leaf Green
(GBA)Pokemon Sapphire
(GBA)Pokemon Emerald
(DS)Pokemon Diamond
(DS)Pokemon Pearl
(DS)Pokemon Platinum
(DS)Pokemon SoulSilver
(DS)Pokemon White
(DS)Pokemon White 2
(DS)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
(DS)Pokemon Ranger
(DS)Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Alma
(DS)Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs
(DS)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time
(DS)Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Darkness
(DS)Pokemon Trozei
(N64)Pokemon Stadium
(N64)Pokemon Stadium II
(N64)Hey You, Pikachu
(N64)Pokemon Snap
(GC)Pokemon Channel
(GC)Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
(Wii)Pokemon Battle Revolution
(Wii) Pokemon Rumble
(3DS)Pokemon Rumble Blast
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06 November 2030 @ 04:00 am
Last Update: 11-17-2010
Currently Open!

Complete List Here!

Art I'm Waiting For
2x2l - Trade for Pin, Sketch, Badge Progress: ???
Phosphorous_Tick - 4 100 Theme Comms Progress: Not Started
Aardy - Oekaki Panels Progress: Not Started
Kadarami - Rin and Roe Sketch Progress: Not Started
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14 September 2030 @ 02:14 pm

I've only got a couple; this entry will get updated if any are added. :3

☆Local Friends☆: I pick who's on this one, srry2say. It's pretty much strictly local (meaning Florida) friends, and one or two who may not live here but are part of the same group, whether they moved away or haven't moved here yet. If you think you belong on this filter, comment here! (If you can see this you're on the filter.)

☆Video Games☆: Mostly Pokemon-related, but also Persona (3&4), Okami, the Jak trilogy... Whatever happens to be in my console. =) Comment here to be added! (If you can see this you're on the filter.)

☆Personal☆: Could be anything from sex/tmi, to gender ramblings. Comment here and I may add you! (If you can see this you're on the filter.)

☆Art!☆: Both art by me and for me; I will be completely honest about my experiences with art for me. If you're interested, comment here! (If you can see this you're on the filter.)

☆Body Mods!☆: Essentially me rambling about my body mods and plans for them - tattoos, piercings, etc. Comment here to be added! (If you can see this you're on the filter.)

☆Super-Secret Kink☆: Going to be VERY selective about who goes onto this filter, as it's going to deal with a couple of kinks that a LOT of people take issue with. They are only in fiction/anthro art, not IRL, but even so I feel I need to be selective. Comment here if you're interested, or PM me! (If you can see this you're on the filter.)

[Edit: PLEASE reply in the threads above if you want to be on a filter. xD I know it seems easier to reply in a separate comment, but replying to the appropriate threads makes it easier for me to keep track of! If I reply to you saying you're added and you come back here to find your comment is gone, it's because the comment wasn't on the right thread - you were still added, though.]
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01 September 2012 @ 04:38 pm

Crossposted from Spunky.

Hello all my beautiful buddies!


So, as previously mentioned, along with the announcement for PL 6 came the sad news that said title would also be Hershel Layton’s final adventure as a main character for the series. As a massive Proffy fan, this news is very disappointing and saddens me greatly. Hershel Layton is my absolute favorite character, and I really don’t want to see him get replaced :(

That being said, I’ve started a small fan petition in hopes of garnering some help from the loyal Layton fandom and our good friends to send a plea to Level-5 in hopes of bringing our favorite Professor back in a new series of games. I know this seems like a long-shot, but you know what, you never know until you try.

Please help and sign the petition to bring Proffy back! Whether you’re a big Layton fan or a casual Layton fan or even if you’re just a friend of mine who’d like to help out, I would really love any support I can get.

My goal is to get at least 1000 signatures, so please spread this petition link around, re-blog it, share it, ask your friends to help! I know many of you have much vaster friend networks than I, so if you’d be willing to ask them to help, that would be great. The more signatures we can get, the better. In fact, if any of you are artists and would like to create any Hershel Layton-specific fan art to include, please include it with your signature comment! I’m sure Level-5 would love to see the fans in action!

In fact, as a bit of a Thank You and incentive for participation in this little cause, if we can reach the goal of 1000+ signatures, I will be offering up 3 free full-color character portrait commissions, raffle-style to 3 names drawn at random from the signature pool. Any character you want, could be Layton or Lara Croft or Batman or Thor or your own OC, it’s up to you! If any other Layton fans want to contribute their talents and offer up prize art or prize fic to the pool, please let me know! The bigger the raffle prize pot, the better :)

Finally… Thank you. To all of you, who are willing to step in and help support the cause of a few fanatical Professor fans in a very daunting plea. I hope that with enough support and signatures, we might be able to make something happen :)

Sign the Petition: Play On, Professor!

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23 July 2012 @ 01:56 am

So we've run into a bit of a dire financial strait and have been gathering things for a little garage sale. I'm open to haggling on most of these things unless they are otherwise labeled, so please feel free to poke around! We're just cutting it super close on rent and bills this month and could really use the help.

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13 May 2012 @ 06:48 am
So we apparently adopted a cat. We're financially okay for the startup costs, but I want to take a couple commissions as a buffer. $25-30 for a full-color traditional piece sound good to anyone?

And Uh michikip would you be interested in a commission rather than getting me that shirt? xD Priorities and all!

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12 May 2012 @ 11:22 pm
So guys, be sure to check out my LJ Filter List and request to be on any that you feel you should be on! I still don't have a laptop - borrowing Atty's now and again - but when I do I'll be far more active here.
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